It's a daily struggle for most of us. After snoozing the alarm for the fourth time, we tumble out of bed. We desperately search for that matching outfit, scarf down a last minute breakfast, and run out the door. The thrill seekers amongst us revel in this kind of frenetic energy. There's nothing like an adrenaline rush in the morning, we try to convince ourselves. But, what if I told you that it doesn't have to be this way?

A relaxed, even enjoyable morning, is actually possible. Don't believe me? Just take a look around. There are morning people everywhere. From a colleague that cheerfully greets you as you walk through the door, to a schoolmate who's always prepared for that pop quiz, to the neighbor who's returned from a mile run long before you've even rolled out of bed.

You too can learn how to seize the day.

Beat The Clock

Sixty minutes is 60 minutes no matter how you slice it, but there is one way you can beat Father Time: get ahead of the game. Specifically mapping out what you need to accomplish the following day is a powerful tool in your arsenal. Choosing your wardrobe, packing your lunch, and making a list and checking it twice (sorry, I couldn't resist) is crucial. Erect a launch pad near your front door a la Flylady.  Preparation is key.  No need to thank me later. You're welcome!

Go to Bed

I know that this isn't earth-shattering news but I'll let you in a little secret anyway: Your body needs rest.

Sleep is essential and most adults need at least seven hours a day. If you're waking up  and you're still tired (and you're especially cranky), look into how many hours of sleep you're actually getting. To boost your success try a sleep gamification app to help move things along.  And for all of you night owls out there, this goes for you too. Binge watching your favorite show at one, two or even three o'clock in the morning might be great in the short term. But if your goal is to start your morning right, you might want to come on over to the dark side and turn out the lights. Once you see the results, you won't regret it.

Let's Count Some Sheep

For some, it all seems so effortless.  They hop into bed and then mercifully, within minutes, they're drifting off to sleep. But what happens when you're ready to call it a night and you still can't get any rest? Night after night you're engaged in a torturous nighttime ritual where you stare blankly at the ceiling. Suffering from insomnia is frustrating, to say the least, but there are some things you can do to alleviate the issue.

Clearing your mind from the events of the day go a long way in setting the stage for a good night's sleep. Turn on some soothing music or listen to nature inspired sounds to ease your transition. And while you're at it avoid your laptop or smartphone before turning in. Blue lights from electric devices are known to disrupt the body's sleep cycle.

Homemade Chai Latte Anyone?

Give yourself plenty of time in the morning to set up an enjoyable routine that you will actually look forward to. Since you're now getting a good night's rest, you can plan to wake up an hour or two earlier. (If this seems daunting, start off slow. Wake up 15 minutes earlier and adjust as needed.)  If you're behind in reading, now is the time to pick up a good book. Light some candles. Do some yoga. Make yourself a nice cup of tea. Meditate. The key to doing anything unpleasant is to soften the blow. Keep tinkering with your routine till you wake up with a smile on your face. (Okay. Maybe that's asking for too much.) Good luck in your journey! With time, you too can be one of those annoying morning people that most of us want to strangle.