Rating: 3.5/5

The Good

  • Help's users fight phone addiction and stay focused.
  • Gives user ability to plant real trees (have to pay)
  • Can join other people's rooms and study together

The Bad

  • Very little if any customization.
  • Gamification aspect is weak, so gets boring after a while.
  • Includes habit/todo tracker which makes the app feel clunky.

The Bottomline

Flora is a great free alternative to apps like forest but is not a great long-term app because there's no feeling of progression or growth. If you're tired of planting trees altogether I recommend Focusbyte, Study Bunny or Donut Dog as the incentives are a lot more fun.


Flora is pomodoro focus timer/habit tracker that launched in 2017 out of a student lab by the team now runs startup Appfinca, designed as an app to “help people beat phone addiction and stay present.” It originally was purely a timer but has now branched off to also being a habit tracker. If your finding it hard to be productive and focused it's a great free app.

Some people might like the new habit tracker but it's a very big turn off for me. Too many times I see software trying to do many things. Great apps do one thing, and they do that one thing very well.

Flora App Review

Flora partners with Trees for the Future, a tree-planting organization that does agricultural revitalization work, for certain game features that reward your focus time with real, fast-growing, soil rebuilding trees or fruit trees that “diversify incomes and nutrition” planted Africa and East Asia.The price button on the right lets you set a price, if you kill a tree, you pay the price to let it be reborn as a real tree. If you successfully complete a focus session, there will be no charge, you even win a special prize.

Flora will give you a warning before killing your tree, which lasts about two seconds. As seen on the screen shot where I tried to go to instagram while the timer was still on.

Flora App Review

If you're unable to stay on the app's timer page, your tree will die and you lose all your progress (left). Successfully focus without leaving the app screen for more than two seconds and you "plant an oak tree" (right).

Habit Tracker

The habit tracker is extremely simple and straightforward. However, you shouldn't be using a single app for everything, as there are apps that are dedicated for just habit tracking such as Habitica, Done, and Streaks. But if your someone who likes everything in one place even though you sacrifice some features then it should be fine.

Flora App Review

Set reminders, or let the habits happen on a repeat basis. Pretty basic stuff which can be found on almost all habit tracking apps.

Final Verdict

Considering the app is free, you should definitely try it out. The greatest upside to this app is its dedication to planting real trees in Africa. However, if you were to take that out of the equation it is too simple for us to give Flora a high rating. Three years ago Flora and Forest were one of a kind, now apps like Opal, Mars Craft, Plantie, Focusbyte, etc are taking over the game and just provide so much more value.